Structured Cabling


  • Move, add and changes simplification
  • Easier troubleshooting
  • Future application support
  • Multi vendor compatibility

Tools and Procedures required for a successful implementation include:

  • ECU’s – We own and maintain several Environmental Containment Units
  • HEPA filters – We own and maintain HEPA filters to be used in conjunction with ECU’s
  • Construction Barriers – Familiar with planning and deployment of construction barriers and required traffic patterns for patients, workers, and visitors.
  • Cleanliness – We strive to maintain clean environments during construction and properly transport and dispose of waste material.
  • Firestopping – All wall penetrations are sleeved and firestopped after cable installation.
  • Coordination – Project managers are trained to coordinate with supervisors, safety personnel, and facilities personnel to ensure all safety procedures are followed and patient safety and employee workflow are not impacted.