Structured Cabling, Planning Design and Installation

Our structured cabling design takes into consideration the fact that a large part of your network is in passive devices (patch panels, cabling, crossconnects etc) and that these devices need to be installed, documented and managed in a cost effective manner.

Our design services take into consideration all the key components required, including:

  • Entrance Facility (point where the network service cables enter or leave a building
  • Main Equipment room (typically services the entire building and contains UPS, Network interfaces, Telecom and Data equipment)
  • Backbone Distribution (connect between entrance facilities and equipment rooms, be it single floor, multi floor or multi building)
  • Intermediate Distribution Frame (usually serves a single floor and serves as the main cross- connect)
  • Horizontal Distribution System Usually distributes the signals to the actual work areas)
  • Network Management System/Cable documentation (allows for the management and care of your environment to minimize network downtime and troubleshooting)

    For more information on our Cabling Design services please contact us at 412-429-1701 to discuss your requirements.