Video Surveillance


We provide surveillance systems for a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Industrial and more.

Surveillance Systems

Almost every business today has some sort of security or monitoring system in place to help protect their assets. Just a few of the reasons why camera based surveillance systems have become such an integral part of a modern security systems include:

* Increase overall security and safety – Security cameras positioned throughout a business help to prevent crimes and break-ins. Conspicuously placed cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism drastically.

* Improve worker productivity – The presence of surveillance cameras on the premises can improve communication between departments or buildings, allowing for heightened productivity.

* Remote Monitoring – IP surveillance allows authorized employees to monitor critical areas continuously, in real time, from their personal computers and handheld devices.

* Easy Integration with Access Control systems – Surveillance cameras can seamlessly integrate with access control systems to provide detailed information on how is coming and going, and when.

* Theft prevention – Prominently placed security cameras can help deter potential thieves and identify those who do steal.

videosurveilance1In addition to security, many industries can use video surveillance for tracking equipment abuse, workplace accidents and safety.

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