Card Access Control

cardaccess1Access Control can work hand in hand with your surveillance system or operate as an independent security solution.

Benefits of installing an Access Control System include:

* Complex or simple solutions – from Biometrics to a keycode entry, there are a variety of solutions that will fit your needs.

* Manage access to secure areas – This can be useful in offices, factories schools, hospitals and other places where only authorized people should have access to certain areas.

* Easy to use software interfaces – Either through web-based or locally installed software, security personnel can quickly and easily add or remove authorized personnel from the list.

* Promotes productivity and accountability – Access control systems can track where your employees come and go, making sure individuals are only operating in areas that they should be and not disturbing staff in other areas.

* Automatic alerts and monitoring – Users can define events (such as attempts to access unauthorized areas) that will generate notifications and alert the proper personnel.

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