Schools or Training Facilities

schools3The intent is for the instructor to communicate with your students or customer base at single or multi-site locations. Face-to-face contact without having to travel and successful transfer of knowledge using audio/video conferencing, telepresence, and remote graphics sharing to provide specialized instruction and real time graphics/data presentation. We design training solutions to bring people at different sites together with true high-definition video streaming at the touch of a button.

Classrooms of the Future

With the evolution of the educational system and the growing need for distance learning, more and more colleges and universities are looking to set themselves apart by offering what they refer to as “Classrooms of the Future.” Typically, these classrooms have such things as:

* IP cameras for remote viewing and classroom recording
* Projection and TV systems for content display
* Advanced sound systems with microphones for the students and teachers
* Automation and touchscreen controls, again for both the teachers and the students.
* Video and Audio Conferencing

We have your School or Training A/V Conferencing Solutions
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