Meeting Spaces

meetingspaces1Our engineers deliver Audio/Visual conferencing solutions that use audio and video telecommunications equipment from leading industry suppliers.

Level 1 – Basic Conference Room

The most basic conference rooms designed today typically consist of the following features:

A display, such as a projector/screen combination or wall-mounted flat screen.

Connections to these displays, which are usually integrated into the conference room table, can provide connections for computers or any other audio/

The main purpose of these rooms is to provide quick and easy access for any user to display computer based content for training and presentations.

Level 2 – Upgraded Conference Room

meetingspaces2The most typical upgrade to a basic conference room usually entails adding a sound system. This sound system can be used for more advanced presentations and training sessions or can be used as additional sound reinforcement for a video or teleconferencing system.

Level 3 – Integrated Conference Room

Today’s advanced conference rooms offer the highest level of technology integration available. It’s not uncommon to find:

Multiple displays and/or projection systems on a single wall
Integrated Lighting and Shade Controls
Video and Teleconference Integration
Advanced Sound Systems
Interactive White Boards
Touchscreen Control

Companies utilizing these technologies find them to be a more cost efficient means of communicating with satellite offices or remotely located employees.

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