Need to communicate with your customer base or remote workforce, we have the technology and expertise whether it’s a conversation between people in private offices (point-to-point) or multiple locations (multipoint) sites in large rooms at multiple locations.Some examples include:

Conference Room Management and Scheduling

conferencing2In larger corporations it’s not uncommon to find anywhere from a half-dozen to a dozen conferencing and boardrooms available for employee use. Managing the scheduling and availability for these rooms can be made much easier by letting a simple conference room system handle the task:
Features of the system can include:

Touchscreens outside each meeting room to schedule a meeting or view a room’s status
Room occupancy sensors that automatically make the room available if it remains unoccupied for a given period of time.
Integration into Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and RoomView Scheduler
Direct database integration with Microsoft® SQL Server

Media and Screening Rooms

Media and screening rooms provide an excellent means displaying content rich media to a large audience with an unmatched experience. Colleges, Universities, K-12 schools and corporations will commonly utilize screening rooms for student/employess projects, large scale events, company-wide meetings, presentations, movie nights and other media related functions.

We have your A/V Conferencing Solutions

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